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Asynchronous Initialization After Loading Webfonts

Yesterday I was facing the problem of poorly rendered custom fonts in xterm.js. The fonts get loaded via the @font-face CSS directive. As this is asynchronous it can happen that the terminal gets initialized before the font is fully loaded and available for use.

xterm broken fonts

The above image shows the wrong spacing of characters which is a result of the incomplete font during initialization of the terminal.

I found the xterm-webfont plugin which handles this issue very well. The plugin uses the FontFaceObserver which can monitor the availability of custom fonts for websites.

This is actually quite a handy library which is useful for a whole bunch of other issues with fonts in webpages. It is definitely a library worth looking at!

After including the xterm.js plugin the terminal gets initialized after all fonts that are needed for operation are available. It just works :D

xterm fixed